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Xiaomi is not only about high specifications yet affordable smartphones, more importantly is the MIUI system that comes together with the phones.

Up to date, MIUI has been developed until MIUI 7 and yet, improvements are being introduced weekly with the China Dev ROM. But if the screen is still yellow tinted after changing the settings, then this might be due to production failure.

If you can‘t upgrade from the app, try to do so manually through the website

My friend faced this problem before, is scarce, because he turns off the auto-brightness and set the phone brightness to the lowest. Unlock the phone, pull down the navigation bar and try to manually adjust the brightness.

A blinking blue light indicates that your camera is searching for the router.

Please make sure that the router is working and the Internet is connected.

If can’t on, charge it for minimum 30 mins, then turn it on.

IF after 30 mins of charging still can’t turn on, please visit the nearest customer service, if the phone is still under warranty, you can actually change the motherboard for free.. Normally, the time and date is automatically updated when the phone is connected to the internet. But, make sure you choose the correct time zone for your phone.

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