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We’re not entirely sure it’d work in the UK, though, and wouldn’t recommend turning up to your next Tinder date covering up half of your face.

It might be a little confusing when your date’s trying to work out if you’re the same person as the one in your profile pic.

What if the secret to mastering dating and forming relationships has been under our noses this whole time? What if the key to romantic success is just covering up the area below and around our noses? Def Anniversary is now making its clients wear surgical masks while they’re speed-dating – not just to ward off infectious diseases, but because wearing the masks increases confidence, reduces self-consciousness, and makes sure the daters are focusing on each others’ personalities rather than their appearance.* *The bottom half of their face.

When trying out the surgical masks in their speed-dating events, Def Anniversary’s daters reported that they felt more outgoing and able to chat to the their dates, which is nice.

The original “1st Generation: Search Type” services took advantage of a large number of users; however, the probability of obtaining a first date was not very large.

The “2nd Generation: Casual Type” services, such as Tinder and Happn, took advantage of the left and right swipe function on smartphones to increase the matching probability, but although they take an innovative approach to the user interface (UI), it is said that users often use the encounters for entertainment elements.

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