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She explicitly stated that she hoped the property would stay in the family and eventually be left to my three children.

I was in this conversation made a party to an offer and I accepted it with the terms that were described to me at the time.

V SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER ALLAN KARP and LISA KElt H. I further believe that the documents in question when understood in the light of their true history should convince the court to dismiss the plaintiffs* claims as based upon transparent misrepresentations of fact.

To date there has been no truthful complete description of the transactions which are the basis of this action, I believe that my account is thoroughly supported by such limited documentation as does exist and in fact is the only version of events consistent with that documentation.

It is clear from this evidence that the plaintiffs have altered important details in their narrative in order to support the combined interests of plaintiffs Allan Karp and Lisa Keith and Lisa's sister, my ex wife Susannah Keith, who relies on the plaintiffs financially.

They have used the lack of written contracts to give themselves an imagined capacity to unilaterally determine as suits their fancy the terms of an agreement, turning the common understanding of the law and normal business practice upside down.

I did not make any request for the plaintiffs' assistance.

In August of 2000 Susannah and Lisa called me fi*om New Hampshire and told of a plan whereby Lisa and her husband would pay off the mortgages.

Except for an email sent April 26 2001 (Plaintiffs* Exhibit F in their summary judgment motion) in which she complained of not knowing how to "structure" the money, Lisa never discussed vdth me any other "terms" of this agreement such as a schedule of interest payments.My wife, Susannah Keith, refijsed to sell the property as I wished and move to a cheaper ^sier to maintain home iising the substantial amount of equity left in the property.At that time the house was in my wife*s name due to her very high credit score which had allowed us to get a favorable rate on an earlier refinancing. Susannah asked her sister, Lisa, for financial help.Her concern is that she be able to "handle" the money as a loan, not that it actually be a loan. Well, they were both part 18 where it was obviously going to be a 19 of one general objective which I have 19 problem unless we were going to use 2 described to you.Hence she writes, " Now we are in the position of having to gift you 20,000 a year so that you can give it back to us as interest on the loan." I replied to her on 4/28/2001 (Plaintiffs* Exhibit H in motion for summary judgment). 20 some of the remaining 0,000 or 2 1 One mortgage paid off \ 21 sell the property.

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