Aunty best sex

She saw me and asked weather I have college today or not..

I replied her that, “no aunty today we don’t have classes…” she said “ohh it is good my dear…I can have a company na?

In my home there was no one else except me and my mother…My father passed away when I was in 12th standard…And I don’t have any siblings…My mom works in an agriculture department which belongs to govt of kerala…My uncle’s home is next to our….

In there my uncle who is also a government employee….

And my aunty she doesn’t have any job so she is making her house wife position in a very good manner…And their 10 year old boy who is studying in 5th standard are living comfortably….

At first I didn’t have any bad intention towards her…

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Ohh friends her cleavage was superb and the work made her body sweaty… Then I said ohh ok but you know you’re looking very beautiful in this nighty” I saw a blush in her face and her lips curved for a smile…

Aunty : no but your uncle said you will teach me how to ride it… I sat very close to her to control the handle…I placed my head on her shoulder and started the scooter… She said to me that we should go to the next room because if sarang may awake, both of us will be in trouble…

My penis is becoming more harder but I adjusted my jockey and jeans to hide my erection from her… I concluded that uncle didn’t care about her sexual needs… We entered the next room, the room without fan I turned on the light …Suddenly she went to kitchen and came back with a bottle of honey..

She was sleeping straightly and my eyes wandering around her little fat beautiful sexy body…Her face became so hot, her breast were in an up and down..

And her left hand was on her little tummy belly…I looked down and wow I could see her sexy legs because her nighty was just below from the knee…

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