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I had known what it is like to have sex with a woman who has pleasure, and it's such a difference. It is painful for them." "Even your little sister is circumcised? " He gestured with his hands, bringing his thumb and forefinger close together. Editor's Note: A reader, who identifies herself as an Egyptian woman, wrote to our editors to dispute Ms.

Sarhan was scheduled to explain all on Lebanese satcaster LBCi, co-owned by bin Talal, before canceling at the last minute on the advice of her lawyers.

And they just do it to care for their husband, and it only lasts two minutes.

Leading Egyptian TV presenter Hala Sarhan has found herself in hot water following allegations that actresses posed as prostitutes on her popular chat show “Hala.” Broadcast on pan-Arab satcaster Rotana Cinema, which is owned by Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal, the taboo-busting episode has raised the ire of Egypt’s public prosecutor, rival Egyptian satcasters and the three girls in question.

Only hours after their initial interview was aired, the three girls — who had been promised their identities would be concealed on Sarhan’s show only to discover viewers could hear their real voices — appeared on rival private Egyptian channel Al Mehwar to say they were actually actresses.

Since then, Al Mehwar has led a daily campaign attacking Sarhan.

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