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Signing a pre-nup to divide up assets before marriage is a common occurrence in the United States, especially for rich men on their second or third marriage. From the joke, we can see yet difficultly that arises when Chinese women and American men date.The American man views his own assets with a rational business mindset. This doesn't apply to Americans or westerners only.Editor’s note: We’ve all seen it, everywhere we go, nearly every day: an American man with a Chinese woman on his arm.We’ve also heard the stories from the foreign man’s perspective about all the cultural differences and the interesting exchanges.Here we have a translated article on that exact perspective from a female Chinese journalist dishing the dirt (spoiler alert: it’s not that dirty) on the unavoidable conflict when Chinese women and American men date.The story of the happily married Chinese woman and American man has been told many times before.

As soon as her boyfriend spoke, the women became angry. However, Chinese women believe that when a man acts this way it means that he does not love the woman enough.

A pre-nup before marriage My other friend and her American boyfriend wanted to get married.

It was the American boyfriend’s second marriage and he had children with his first wife.

Therefore, before getting married, the American boyfriend said to her that he wanted a prenuptial agreement.

He did not want to divide the assets he already owned with her and wanted his own children to inherit his property and wealth.

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