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But just 15 months after marrying, tennis star Chris Evert and golfing great Greg Norman – who left their longtime spouses for each other in 2006 – called it quits last week, begging the question: Why?

Friends close to the high-profile sports legends, both 54, say many of their problems involved interactions with each other’s children.

She says the seeds of that break-up were sewn during the collapse of her marriage to Mill under the strain of raising three children along with their frequent, separate travel commitments.

They seemed to have it all: a passionate courtship, romantic trips around the world, and each other’s undying support.And the acrimony between golfing great Greg Norman and tennis legend Chris Evert continues to grow.Yesterday, Norman's sister claimed the marriage failed after just 15 months because Miss Evert was jealous of his higher profile.In a candid interview, she admits she should never have left ex-husband Andy Mill for Norman – and urges others to work hard at their marriages before walking away. And I brought that into my next marriage, those issues that weren’t resolved.” She says: “Marriage is up and down.Evert, 56, stunned the sporting world in 2006 when she left downhill skiing star Andy Mill for Norman, who was also married and a friend of Mill. If you sense you’re drifting apart, you’ve got to confront the issue.

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