Dating homeschooled girl

Organizations like ATI and Vision Forum that claim that women only have a role in the house ultimately doom them to a lifestyle apart from their ideal.

By idolizing marriage, finding a spouse becomes almost impossible.

My parents were excited too, because they hoped that I would be able to easily find a bride among the many single homeschool girls my family knew.

I was a willing participant to their plans, but I soon found out that even with the right credentials, it was still impossible for me to come against homeschool patriarchy and perfectionism.

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But for girls with no other alternative except being surrogate mothers for their younger siblings, even bad marriages often seemed desirable.According to Bill Gothard and Doug Phillips, a girl who has spent her entire life preparing for marriage under unquestioning submission to her father should expect to have almost too many young men seeking to win her hand.Eventually, her father would choose the right one for her.Most of my family’s friends subscribed to these philosophies.But as their daughters approached their late teens, these families began to realize, either consciously or subconsciously, that many of the required attributes of a “godly young man” are mutually exclusive.

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