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Fortunately, Alec managed to force out an apology during a follow-up visit to Magnus’ apartment, leading to a really nice moment of growth between them.

(Wait, that came out wrong.) Basically, Magnus assured Alec that “this” is also new to him — that dating a guy for the first time really isn’t so different from dating a Shadowhunter for the first time — and agreed to help him find Jace (a process which, naturally, required Alec to sprawl out shirtless on Magnus’ couch. ) Speaking of unexpectedly romantic moments, can we talk about how Simon almost told Clary that he’s “hopelessly” in love with her?

Gordon has been warned more than once that he should look at the bigger picture rather than keep his tunnel vision.

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Yet, Gordon had no idea that Jonathan he knew would have done that.

The ill-timed argument ended with Alec asking, “What do you want from me?

”— a question I suspect both halves of “Malec” will spend the rest of the season contemplating.

Convinced that Jace has been working for Valentine all along, the newly (and sketchily) appointed head of the New York Institute issued a dead-or-alive order for his return, a decision that raised more than a few well-groomed eyebrows within the community.

Clary, who seems surprisingly well-adjusted to the notion that Jace is her brother, enlisted Simon’s help in tracking him down, resulting in the episode’s finest back-and-forth: Following Clary’s order to run faster, Simon reminded her, “I’m a vampire.

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