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And when the brother comes in from the fields doing his faithful duty in working, he says, well, I didn’t know there was a party planned tonight. And he comes back and finds out it’s his brother has returned home, and so he says, I’m not going in there.And the father comes out and begs him to come in, and he just, you know, all of the bitterness, all of the resentment, all of the envy, all of the hunger for the father’s love that he never really experienced comes boiling out of him, and you see what was really inside of him.And so what we’ve watched are these lights come on in these women who say, wait a second, I’m not a second-class person, here.I don’t have to, not only feel this inner shame that God died for me to not experience - but I don’t have to be a second-place person in this world.And I am looking forward to providing, um, help to you today to think differently about what you’ve done or what you’ve been living with, or what you’re living in, and giving you some practical advice to say, OK, we can take different steps moving forward.Yeah, I mean, we’ve been through quite a bit together over the years.

And a lot of times these women are just living out the part where they need to submit to the man, versus he also needs to be willing to die for them. I had two older brothers, and we were very disconnected.

There are wounded people walking around this planet every day.

I mean, all of us, because we live in a sinful world, right? And we’re gonna probably peel some scabs back for you today, but in the hopes of bringing healing and restoration and giving you the tools to really, which is the title of the book of our guests.

David Stoop describe how past emotional and psychological wounds negatively impact your life and relationships, and how you can experience positive change through the healing and freedom found in Jesus Christ.

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