Early dating gifts

You may think that it's because you love her, you want to prove your love with buying her favorite gifts.But in fact you are just prove to her that you're a weak, low value, needy and clingy guy.See also how to be a bad guy without being jerk If she's not attracted to you, then no matter how many gifts, drinks and flowers you buy for her, it's not going to improve your relationship any further.However, even if she is attracted to you, if you send her too many gifts and too frequent she is able to expect your actions, then this will create reverse effects and it may even lessen the attraction that she already feels for you.You have to hold back yourself on the "niceness", gifts, drinks, flowers, etc, because women want something that she feels genuine, that she earned from you.You send her gifts because she deserves it and you do this in your own terms, not because that you want to grab her attention, make her like you or get any benefit from her. You have to avoid getting trap into another philosophy - "you're not doing nice things for her because you want something from her.".

They should not be that way, instead they should be done chivalrously and out of wussiness.

You want to let the relationships work naturally - buy her gifts if it's needed, avoid if there's not necessarily.

Bear this in your mind, women are attracted to men who are "men". You don't need to buy gifts for her to get her attention, because you deserve to attract her with your own values.

Many men buy gifts to a girl when they like the girl.

When modern men meet a girl they like they will start to think how to get her attention by being nice to her.

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