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The Bass Rock is woven into the Atlantic gannet's scientific name Morus bassanus.

While the location of the parish can be pinpointed from miles away by the conical outline of North Berwick Law, the fortunes of the burgh - the main settlement - have been, for many years, moulded by its coastal location.

This in itself attracted a certain type of visitor - who appreciated the natural beauty of the town and the area for itself, rather than what entertainment was on offer.

This focus culminated at the end of the period in the development of the North Berwick Seabird Centre; the three offshore islands of Craigleith, Lamb and (especially) the Bass Rock were being utilised as tourist attractions in their own right.

The volcanic plug of North Berwick Law is noted for its botanical interest.

Additionally there is a group of rather straggly beech trees (Fagus sylvatica) huddled together on the northeastern slope that were purportedly planted to commemorate the Act of Union in 1707.

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