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If you are too far away no camera without a zoom feature will make out great facial detail or plates, even at 1080P.

I work in law enforcement and have successfully used images from these cameras to solve crimes, it's good evidence to have. Two way audio on every camera with mic and speaker. After full charge you can set one up and mount it in 15-20 minutes.7. I use their online live chat feature and have always had good service.

Arlo seems to be the main competitor and from the reviews I have read the battery life on those is not great and can be a hassle (though I have not personally tested them).

Stick up cam boasts a battery life cycle of a year.

You can adjust the distance and area it monitors to tweak this a bit but it could use more refinement.

The pro version coming out allows for drawable zones. To view a live feed from the camera it needs a motion detection.

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Even without the solar panels the batteries seem to offer longer life than any other current competitor. You are not going to get 1080P resolution from a 720P camera.I think 720P is a good compromise to offer a system that works well on a battery and still delivers.Depending on how and where it is mounted you will see colors fine and enough detail to be usable for most of your needs.I don't know of any other company that offers that service.It takes away the fear that the cameras could be easily stolen because they are not tethered.

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