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The couple has started their relationship recently, at least they decided to go public not at the first stage of their relationship.

Adrian is 36 years old and Adrian Grenier girlfriend is a decade younger than him, only 26 years old.

Adrian Grenier girlfriend is a known persona, because of her activities; she was the first person that decided to show all of her moves online and gained a lot of popularity because of this choice., “They really hit it off and loved learning to surf at the Oakley event, so they thought they’d combine their new passions by getting to know each other better while going surfing.” Ashley, 22, and Adrian, 32, met for the first time Friday during the welcome dinner at Oakley’s “Learn to Ride” surf weekend in Santa Barbara, Calif.

The couple also met up at a barbeque on Saturday at El Capitan Ranch.

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The friend has stated that their love connection came a little bit later than the friendship and this might have happened because she lives in San Francisco and he lives in Los Angeles, so it is kind of difficult to meet a lot, but they are really trying to work it out and figure something.

Thus, a source notes that last months before they became o couple have been intense, and it was obvious that something serious is happening between Adrian and Adrian Grenier girlfriend.

So after the interview they stayed as friends and talked a lot, the fact that they found a lot to discuss might have led them to more serious relationship, because it appears that romantics can be sensed between these two.

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