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Michael Vans is our advanced night time dating coach who will demonstrate ways to meet women in bars and clubs that you have never seen or done before. Former contestant judge on Miss America and Star Search.

But after you've seen Michael in action, you'll hardly be able to wait until you can try out his techniques for yourself. Well versed in the particular challenges of both day and night time social dynamics. He has done photography for GQ and Style magazine and he will give you a full personalized image makeover the GQ style.

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman on your way to work, but didn’t know how to approach her or even if you should?

Or maybe you’ve seen a “great catch” at a party, but let the opportunity to strike up a conversation slip by.

Mike not only taught me new techniques/tactics, but he put me in a trance thanks to his background in Hypnosis, that boosted my confidence higher than I ever thought possible.

I've been able to do things I never even dared imagine I could do in my personal life, well on the way to meet women of my dreams.

Put yourself in Ron's capable hands, and you will be entirely amazed with the results.

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He's been a mentor to the best in the business, and, if you follow his advice, he'll really pick yourskill up to new level.

Seth May - once one of our past students, he now has risen to the level of instructor and is currently our new online dating coach.

He is a true experienced pro, after increasing his skill in meeting and dating women to amazing levels with Social Motion, and then went off for a while for some soul searching.

This class will reveal Art’s proven techniques for getting a girl’s attention and keeping it!

You’ll learn: *How to break the ice without rejection*Five sure-fire ways to approach a woman on your way to work*Dating “common sense” that will change your dating life*The different strategies between meeting women at night versus during the day*How to make meeting women fun Art Malov has been a dating coach to men for many years and has written much on the art of meeting and dating, including his book “Park Bench Dating.” He has appeared on the television show Love Around the World and in numerous publications, including the New York Times.

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