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Because his wife of more than three decades, Cecilia, is a third-generation Mexican American woman whose grandparents didn’t speak English, his family embodies the blending of cultures that is key to the future of Texas.

But does Abbott have what it takes to broaden the Texas GOP’s base and ensure its continued dominance?

Ever since then, he has willed himself to extraordinary heights.

“You know that scene in in which Jason Bourne uses his own passport and pops up on the grid?

No one can deny his toughness, which has come to define his career.

A former track star at Duncanville High, he was nearly killed at the age of 26 during a freak accident while jogging.

This transition comes at a critical time: the party is pushing further to the right on issues both social and economic at the same moment that sweeping demographic change and a faint heartbeat in the moribund Democratic party have made the long-term prospects for Republicans less clear.

Though they control all levels of government in what is an inarguably conservative state, the pressure will be on Abbott to maintain that grip. Over the years Abbott has staked out positions that clearly define him as a conservative’s conservative.

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