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PS: I'm old enough to remember when telephones and computers were two different things.

Grateful, together they have raised almost ,000 for the hospital through their two previous For the Love of Life events.

Each Marseille card on the left can be interpreted according to a consistent Tarot numerology, as expounded in this article.

Its Rider-Waite equivalent on the right dispenses with numerology and esoteric tarot symbology altogether, replacing them with a fantasy of the latter-day re-designer/re-illustrator.

But in the Tarot De Marseille (shown below) we have a venerable esoteric tool that remains close enough to the anonymous original to retain a wealth of mystical power and meaning.

Certainly, the modern Tarots, including the popular Rider-Waite deck, have departed far from the purity and fidelity of much older decks like the Visconti and the Marseille.

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