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HOWEVER, I do plan on going blond again and have already started to grow my hair back out ....

It’s been two years since Steubenville, Ohio was all we talked about.

I love my anime and I love animals, I LOVE Batman and Harley Quinn!! I am humorous, charming, intelligent, and love to dance (mostly around my bedroom in my pajamas).There were certainly much more disturbing reminders over the past two years: Shortly after Richmond and Mays were convicted, two teenage girls were arrested for using social media to threaten Jane with injury or death.Her family has faced harassment and threats, as well.Then, things took a surreal turn, when the hacker group Anonymous got involved, defacing the football team’s website, outing several players linked to the rape, and planning protests dubbed “Occupy Steubenville.” The rest is history as far as public perception is concerned, but those connected to the case are still very much living it every day.With the anniversary of the convictions approaching, Refinery29 found out how Jane Doe is doing, spoke with key people — including the blogger that broke the story and the hacker who outed Mays and Richmond — and considered the case’s lasting cultural impact.

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