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XETV – San Diego 6 (The CW Network)- Owner: Televisa Grupo Televisa.The company was listed as a monopoly in a 2006 embassy memo released by Wikileaks. Spanish-language media company Univision Communications. The company is headed by billionaire Emilio Azcárraga Jean.Using the station’s demise as a launching point for discussion about the results of corporate media consolidation nationwide, they paint a sad picture about the state of broadcasting that’s equally applicable to radio and television.Corporate consolidation has also lessened the impact of TV news as a tool for local plutocrats.

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Here’s a little run down of each station’s corporate lineage.Herman and Noam Chomsky have advanced a concept called the propaganda model explaining how propaganda and systemic biases function in mass media.Their 1988 book on the subject (Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media) discussed their views about how populations are manipulated and how consent for economic, social and political policies is “manufactured” in the public mind.The Mexican phone business is worth an estimated billion, 10 times larger than Mexico’s TV industry, with an estimated value of billion. Televisa also operates XEWT 12 “Tu Canal” (Spanish Language) in this market. From a Matt Potter piece at the Reader: KFMB owner Elisabeth Kimmel of La Jolla, a longtime De Maio financial backer and a mega-millionaire in her own right, has been accused by conservative Republicans of manipulating the stations’ political coverage in favor of De Maio and keeping the ex-city councilman’s GOP foe Kirk Jorgensen off the air during a hard-fought, social issues-laced primary battle this spring. Meyer, Sr., who bought the TV station and its two radio stations in the 1960s — has also backed causes linked to the billionaire Koch brothers of Kansas by way of her family’s charitable foundation.Azcárraga and Televisa might also benefit from a recent FCC proposal to soften the decades-old 25% limit on foreign ownership of TV and radio stations. KFMB – “News 8” (CBS Affiliate) – Owner: Midwest Television/ Elisabeth M. She also owns KFMB radio, home to talk show host Roger Hedgecock, who’s drawn complaints to the FCC regarding fundraising activity on behalf of Carl De Maio using the station’s address. Talk-radio personality Roger Hedgecock, employed by both Kimmel and U-T San Diegopublisher Douglas Manchester, another well-moneyed De Maio backer, has used emails with KFMB’s address to raise funds for De Maio. The company currently owns twenty-one television stations in sixteen markets; eleven ABC affiliates, three NBC affiliates, five Azteca América affiliates, one My Network TVaffiliate and one independent affiliate.

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