Validating high stakes testing programs

“I have no idea why anybody has a difficult time doing what they know is legally or morally right.” I’m assuming that in talking about legal obligations Ms Shepard is referencing Tennessee Statute 37-1-605, (1) Each report of known or suspected child sexual abuse pursuant to this section shall be made immediately to the local office of the department responsible for the investigation of reports made pursuant to this section or to the judge having juvenile jurisdiction or to the office of the sheriff or the chief law enforcement official of the municipality where the child resides.

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30 after Jeb Bush opens the gathering of education leaders from across the nation.I counter, that most parents didn’t recognize the failings of Teach for America initially either, but they educated themselves.I challenge local activists to bring the same kind of focus forth and talk to teachers.Just because you are a charter school supporter does not instantly translate into you being a supporter of Betsy De Vos. The second question that arises from the aforementioned paragraph is in response to the line, “but the reception she will receive outside is less certain”. Chalk beat is really uncertain about what kind of response she’ll receive outside the venue? It will be large and loud and it won’t be in support of her. Will he suddenly make Linda Darling Hammond, or Diane Ravitch, Secretary of Education? Are they going to see the De Vos protests and consider changing their positions?Or are they going to say, “Look at her piss off them liberals. ” and double down on their support of Trump and by default De Vos?

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